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  • DIY Christmas Wreath
    One thing I like to do is always recycle old things and make them into something. I tend to always have a new theme for every Christmas. That creates a lot of unused Christmas balls and other things. So I seen on Pinterest and also TikTok many diy women reusing their old things by making a wreath. It will cost you at most $5 dollars of course if you don’t mind shopping at a dollar tree. That is where I took my kids with me to get the other needed supplies costed me only $3 bucks! For what I needed.Continue reading “DIY Christmas Wreath”
  • Hand Made Christmas Centerpieces
    We always think we have to go and splurge for this very specific holiday. Everything has to be perfect even down to our centerpiece. I have always been the one to be a baller on a budget lol. I do like to spend money but I also like to create something you can’t find in stores. Having kids I really don’t have that extra to be spending on this yes super cute decorations that I can make on my own. Have you ever went to someone’s home for the holiday and the centerpiece literally is dead center you can’t evenContinue reading “Hand Made Christmas Centerpieces”
  • DIY Mickey Mouse Christmas Balls 🎄
    This will be fairly sweet and simple not to long of a blog. I was browsing over on Pinterest and found some really cool not to expensive DIY’s that are also children friendly. Obviously with parental supervision and help. You can go wild with color or even add on your own rhinestones you can even paint the faces all sorts of things. I went pretty simple. It takes only 4 things and some you might even have from years prior. You can reuse Christmas balls I know I actually do keep mine as I change my theme yearly. So manyContinue reading “DIY Mickey Mouse Christmas Balls 🎄”
  • New Crystals
    So many of you already know I genuinely find crystals fascinating and constantly upgrading the collection. I’ve recently stumbled on alters. They were so many different inspirations i of course dove further into my idea of making myself one. I am looking to add some crystal grids some selenite plates for recharging. It is important to cleanse your crystals yes hand picking is your best option this way you can actually already build a connection with a piece. Sometimes that isn’t always a option so each time it’s touched and placed yes that energy of that person is on thatContinue reading “New Crystals”
  • Christmas 🎄 Mason Jars
    It probably feels I have been off the face of the earth. It really does feel that way because that’s where I have been. I tend to go MIA for weeks sometimes turns into weeks. It’s one thing I can’t seem to stop doing it’s not for really any specific reason. Sometimes I guess I really don’t want to interact. I need my space when I interact to much even if it’s online with people but don’t take it like I don’t love y’all I truly do. So I have been still always thinking of what my next blog canContinue reading “Christmas 🎄 Mason Jars”
  • Labradorite
    1 of my top favorite stones of all time and not just for its looks but also for its healing properties. It’s zodiac is Leo, Scorpio , & Sagittarius. Chakras connected are Throat Chakra, Third eye & The Crown. Planet is Uranus it’s element is Water, coming in with a array of different shades pale green, blue , iridescent gold or blue reflects colorless and or grey-white. Just like the northern lights this beauty will impress any crowd. I have always been a little deep Empath so if you too are one of them this beaut will be one youContinue reading “Labradorite”
  • Small Rant
    I am super vocal it will come more clear to all of you lol. When I started the whole “beauty/makeup guru” or “influencer” I had high hopes. At the time I was surrounded with the best amazing set of women. I remember having almost 20+ groups! 32 people we could fit into one chat group. 20+ groups of me and supportive women. It wasn’t even a hey can you like my post?. It was just something that was done never had to be asked. Obviously I can’t expect that greatness from all followers right?. I mean I do have almostContinue reading “Small Rant”
  • Small Rant be a better “influencer”
  • Halloween Makeup Look For Beginners🎃
    Now before I even show you this it took me a good while to draw these little witch 🧙‍♀️ hats and other things on. I was getting tired and super frustrated so I was like it looks good lol I know I can do better but oh well. I tried to do a candy corn 💀 yea I just put neon orange on it 😅. I have some other looks I’ll be sharing hopefully giving you spooky season vibes. I used a glow in the dark neon loose pigment even for my liner. I got it from Leleposh Cosmetics IContinue reading “Halloween Makeup Look For Beginners🎃”
  • New Crystals to my collection
    Since I had extra money I decided to add to my crystals collection. I try and buy every so often get new ones I have so many purposes for them it’s nice to have bigger ones of your favorites. I have this idea I want to get floating shelves and do a crystal display with all different kinds and shapes. It’s the best way to really change how you & your guest feel in your space. You can always be that person to change the energy in your home or just rooms you think you need it. All it takesContinue reading “New Crystals to my collection”
  • Fake Blood Spatter Pumpkins 🎃
    Yes people I am still with Halloween blog post 😅. I love sharing my craft adventures with people because I remember when I first got into crafts I had not a clue how to things. To some people it might be “well is this not common sense”? Sure to one it might be for someone else that might not be the case. Some have a hard time thinking outside of the box with things especially if your starting out as a beginner at DIY crafts. I still am not carving pumpkins my kids painted pumpkins however they wanted to doContinue reading “Fake Blood Spatter Pumpkins 🎃”
  • Crystals
  • Dark Smoky Eye
    It’s been days since I’ve done a blog truthfully I have no excuse neither. I want to be transparent as possible. Having BPD life is hot and cold so often. It’s loving something but not having the drive to want to do it. It’s loving company but also hating it so much you ghost your friends without a warning ⚠️. It’s no excuse I know that nor should it be however that’s the answer it’s a take it or leave it kinda deal. The highlight is the party of the show. Leleposh Cosmetics collab palette is what I used forContinue reading “Dark Smoky Eye”
  • Halloween Look
    I’ve been more occupied with decorating for Halloween I didn’t even get to do a Halloween look. I saw a TikTok video which is the one I have at the very top and got inspired. I love to make dramatic looks all the time so I decided why don’t I change it up and start doing some everyday looks or neutrals. Well what’s better to start that then remaking Tiffany from chucky. I have several recreation ideas I have done in the past but I always love to redo some of my old favs and see how far I’ve come.Continue reading “Halloween Look”
  • Bloomsburg Fair 2021
    Every year around my area starting in usually late June till September we have different fair locations. Today I will tell you the history of Bloomsburg fair I just took a trip there so I will have some cool things to show you guys. Little back story with Bloomsburg fair. It is one of the largest fairgrounds in Pennsylvania started as a agricultural exhibition back in 1855. Was started by Caleb Barton in 1854 lasting a whole quarter of a mile long. Over 1,500 stands best known for horse racing, musical arts comedians and live entertainment. Roughly 500,000 people attendContinue reading “Bloomsburg Fair 2021”
  • Makeup Review
  • Swatches of a Collaboration palette
    Before I even start I do want to make it clear I am NOT affiliated with this brand there will be some codes in this also. I love to be transparent about these things and not be deceitful of making it aware. What does a affiliate mean? Means you make a small commission based off of sales customers make with me hand made code generated with the company. @ Leleposhcosmetics is a indie brand. Indie brand meaning small independently owned operated brand. They get their pigments and supplies offline like the big brand companies do but the difference is theyContinue reading “Swatches of a Collaboration palette”

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